When holidays and birthdays roll around, adults are tasked with finding the “perfect” gift for the children in their lives. With so many options, it can be exhausting, and quite expensive. I’m here to tell you that the most important gifts a child can receive are the materials and tools to unlock their creative potential, along with permission to dream big and get a little messy. I’ve prepared a quick guide to help you give the gift of creativity on wheels… a mobile makerspace! I compiled a public Amazon wish list entitled “Mobile Makerspace” if you’re looking for a more visual guide.  You can access it here!

I recommend starting with a multi-drawer cart because it allows you to easily organize and access materials. There are plenty of options, depending on the amount of supplies you intend to purchase. The photo below is an affordable option I’ve used many times. Once you select your cart, it’s time to fill the drawers!

First, consider adhesives. You’ll need these to keep everything else together. There are so many options to consider…

Low temp glue gun Transparent tape Double-sided tape 
Washi and duct tape Glue sticks Tacky (craft) glue
Cardboard screws Brass fasteners Binder rings
Velcro Twisty Ties Magnets 


You’re also going to need cutting tools. I recommend the following essentials:

Scissors Cardboard scissors
Box cutter Hole puncher


Reserve a few drawers for various types of paper and basic crafting supplies. The Dollar Store is a great spot to stock up on these items. I’ve also added these items to the Amazon
“Mobile Makerspace” wish list, just in case you’re a one-stop, deliver it to my door shopper.

Sketch pads Bullet journals Construction paper
Cardstock  Scrapbooking paper Craft sticks
Pipe cleaners Pom poms Googly eyes
Buttons Beads Ribbon
Yarn  Felt  Foam



Designate a drawer or two for basic art/coloring supplies. Kids ALWAYS need these! 



Colored pencils Crayons Markers
Oil Pastels  Paint Sharpies
Gel Pens 


I also recommend that you grab a copy of Miss Makey and the Magic Bin. This delightful book inspires children to turn trash into treasure. It will help you set the stage for creativity. You can designate a box or plastic storage container as your “Magic Bin,” and fill it up with recyclables such as cardboard, egg cartons, fabric scraps, and food/drink containers. Then, challenge them to MAKE something using the materials in the cart and the Magic Bin. The possibilities for creation are endless! Be sure to check out the FREE instructional resources that accompany the book!


Happy Making!